My name is Hala.

I am an Arabic native speaker and I live in Egypt.

I am a qualified Arabic teacher with 10 years of experience.

I teach all levels from beginner to advanced.

I will help you to build confidence to talk in Arabic fluently I really love teaching and I will be happy that you are considering me to be your Arabic instructor.

I teach business Arabic to the students who live in Arab countries and need to communicate in Arabic.

I am very passionate about teaching and I want to help people who want to learn Arabic.

I know what difficulties are to learn a new language and I will help you to learn in an easy way.

My lessons are fun, engaging, and using all the important materials such as articles, news, books, and videos.

I can help you even you are at the very beginning of your Arabic language journey.

أهلا بكم في أكاديمية الأندلس

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أهلا بكم في أكاديمية الأندلس

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