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  • Al-Andalus Academy is the best place to learn Arabic & Quran online.
  • Al-Andalus Academy is an academy for Arabic and Quran studies.
  • It’s one of the most reputable academies in Egypt for non-native speakers all over the world to learn Arabic & Quran online.
  • We have 15 years of experience, We are not only selected for our knowledge and experience but we also have a special and professional way of teaching and dealing with kids.
  • We have special and interactive materials for kids.
  • Our teachers will help you to practice the Arabic language with very good materials and books suitable for children and adults for all levels from Alphabets to advanced level. We use many teaching methods to help you to understand the Arabic language easily.
  • With Al-Andalus Academy you can be fluent much faster because we care about you.
About Us


  • To provide the best methodology of Arabic learning online and Quran reading.
  • To Prepare a new generation capable of Arabic reading, Arabic writing, and Quran reading.
  • To Build students’ confidence in the ability to learn Arabic and master the language in a short time time,
  • To provide a very high standard of instruction to our students To spread the culture of learning Arabic language and Quran.


To be the first choice for students who want to learn Arabic and Quran online around the world.


To increase and expand the usage and understanding of the Arabic language on a global scale.


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