Al-Andalus Academy

Teacher Dina


Peace be upon you for students of the Arabic language and English language.

Welcome to the place to learn Arabic and English easily and for fun.

I am Dina, a professional and certified Arabic language teacher for non-native speakers and an English language teacher for more than ten years.

I have been teaching Arabic for more than three years.

I am here to help you learn Arabic.

As a teacher, I know the challenges a new language learner faces.

My degree in education has been used to help students develop their language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

I am an enthusiastic and highly experienced teacher with a strong background in providing professional teaching services to students from diverse backgrounds.

My teaching style includes friendly and relaxing classes that encourage students to speak freely.

I work with beginners all the way to proficiency level.

I teach with books:
* A group to teach the Arabic language.
* Arabic in your hands.
* City Books.
* Proficiency in the Arabic language.
* Talk to me in Arabic (Egyptian colloquial) … etc.

I seek to enhance your comprehensive understanding and use of the Arabic language while engaging in friendly and relaxing classes.

It is my pleasure to meet you and draw up a plan based on your goals in learning Arabic.