Al-Andalus Academy


Fatima Mustafa

I am Fatma Mustafa
I am from Egypt.
l am Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies teacher for non-Arabic speakers.
I am a researcher in Arabic language science for non-native speakers.

– I have graduated from the faculty of Islamic and Arabic studies department of Al-Azhar university.

– I have an Ijazah certificate
– I use different methods of teaching the Arabic language.

– I also teach Noor Al-Bayan and Tajweed for non-Arabic speakers
– I have been working as an Arabic, Qur’an, and Islamic studies teacher for non-Arabic speakers for 3 years.
– I have very good experience in teaching all ages, children, and adults.
– I know how to deal with children and attract them to my class.

– I am waiting for you to start our beautiful journey of learning.